Before & After 7

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Age:48Height:5’ 9”
Gender:FemaleWeight:195  lbs. (BMI = 28.8)


48 year old female diagnosed with right breast cancer. Elected to undergo right mastectomy with tissue expander reconstruction in December of 2015. In March of 2016, she underwent removal of the right tissue expander and placement of a permanent silicone implant on the right (Allergan 410 Style MX 685 cc anatomic shaped silicone implant) as well as right breast fat grafting for contour. She also elected to have a left breast reduction for symmetry. After significant weight loss, her left breast became progressively smaller than her reconstructed right breast, so in August of 2016, she underwent placement of a permanent silicone implant on the left for symmetry (Allergan 410 Style LF 310 cc anatomic shaped silicone implant). She subsequently underwent a nipple tattoo on the right with left nipple tattoo pigmentation for color match.