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Deep Plane Facelift: Unveiling A More Youthful You

Vivify Plastic Surgery offers cutting-edge deep plane facelifts in Tampa, a revolutionary procedure designed to provide natural-looking and long-lasting results. With a focus on precision and personalized care, the skilled surgeons at Vivify Plastic Surgery utilize advanced techniques to lift and reposition the underlying facial muscles and tissues, resulting in a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. 

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What Is A Deep Plane Facelift?

A deep plane facelift addresses sagging skin, deep-set wrinkles, and loss of muscle tone by repositioning the deeper layers of your facial structure.

The SMAS layer, which stands for Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System, is a critical structure in the human face that plays a significant role in facial aging and surgical rejuvenation. It comprises fibrous connective tissue and is located beneath the skin, intertwined with the facial muscles. It is a supportive framework for the overlying skin and involves facial expressions and movements.

By lifting and tightening the SMAS layer, surgeons can address sagging facial tissues and restore a more youthful contour to the face.

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How Is A Deep Plane Facelift Different From A Traditional Facelift?

When considering a facelift, it's crucial to understand the difference between a deep-plane facelift and a traditional facelift to achieve the results you want. Here are the key differences:

Depth of Manipulation 

  • Traditional Facelift: Involves superficial layers just beneath the skin.
  • Deep Plane Facelift: Targets deeper structures of the face, repositioning muscles, fat, and skin together.

Area of Focus

  • Traditional Facelift: Tightens skin for a smoother look, sometimes leading to a "pulled" appearance.
  • Deep Plane Facelift: Addresses the midface region, including the nasolabial folds, for a more natural-looking rejuvenation.

Recovery and Results

  • Traditional Facelift: Typically has a shorter recovery period. Results may last several years but might not fully address sagging in the midface.
  • Deep Plane Facelift: Often involves a longer recovery due to more extensive dissection. However, the results are longer-lasting and more significant in rejuvenating deep facial tissues.

Ideal Candidates

  • Traditional Facelift: Suitable for individuals with mild to moderate facial aging primarily involving the skin layers.
  • Deep Plane Facelift: Best for those with significant sagging and deeper tissue laxity, especially in the midface and jawline.

Am I A Good Candidate For A Deep Plane Facelift 

When considering a deep plane facelift, you must evaluate your health and expectations. Suitable candidates often share the following characteristics:

  • Typically, between 40 and 70 years old
  • Possess residual skin elasticity
  • Seeking improvement for sagging skin and deep wrinkles
  • Non-smoker or willing to quit
  • No life-threatening illnesses or medical conditions
  • A healthy immune system ensures proper healing
  • Seeking a more permanent solution than non-surgical treatments
  • Ability to take the necessary time off for recovery
  • Commitment to maintaining results with a healthy lifestyle

During your consultation, Dr. Buchanan will discuss your medical history and aesthetic goals, assess your skin’s condition and elasticity, and determine whether a deep plane facelift in Tampa is best for you.

What Happens During A Deep Plane Facelift?

During a deep plane facelift, Dr. Buchanan executes a comprehensive procedure designed to rejuvenate the lower two-thirds of your face. This technique addresses sagging skin, deep-set wrinkles, and drooping muscles by repositioning deeper layers of your face.

You are first prepared for surgery, which includes administering anesthesia for comfort during the operation. Next, Dr. Buchanan makes incisions around your hairline and ear, allowing access to the deeper facial structures. Care is taken to ensure that these incisions can be well-concealed post-recovery.

The critical step involves releasing and repositioning the SMAS layer to achieve more natural and lasting results. Fat compartments may also be repositioned or augmented for improved facial contour.

Your skin is then gently redraped over the uplifted contours, and excess skin is removed. Finally, the incisions are meticulously closed with sutures.

What Does Deep Plane Facelift Recovery Look Like?

Recovery time after a deep plane facelift is generally one to two weeks. Swelling and bruising are common and typically peak around two to three days post-surgery before gradually subsiding. You are likely to experience some discomfort, but pain can be managed with prescribed medications.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Days 1-3: You should expect to wear bandages and have drains in place. Rest with your head elevated and apply cold compresses to reduce swelling.
  • Week 1: Follow-up with Dr. Buchanan will be necessary to remove sutures and assess healing. Avoid strenuous activities.
  • Weeks 2-4: Noticeable improvements as swelling and bruising continue to diminish. You may generally return to work and light activities; however, avoid heavy lifting and overly vigorous exercise.
  • Months 1-2: Scars mature and fade. The final outcome of the surgery becomes more evident, but subtle swelling may persist.
  • Months 3-6: Full recovery is typically achieved with most swelling resolved.

To ensure a smooth recovery, adhere to Dr. Buchanan’s post-operative care instructions, which may include:

  • Get plenty of sleep and rest
  • Maintain a nutritious diet
  • Keep hydrated
  • Avoid smoking and sun exposure, which can impede your healing process
  • Contacting us if you have concerns or unusual symptoms
  • Attending regular check-ins with Dr. Buchanan is crucial for monitoring your progress
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How Long Do Deep Plane Facelift Results Last?

Deep plane facelifts are an advanced surgical technique designed to provide more natural and long-lasting results than traditional facelifts. Typically, a deep plane facelift's outcomes are expected to last 10 to 15 years.

However, the durability of the results can vary based on several individual factors, including the following:

  • Your age at the time of the procedure: Younger patients may notice that their results last longer due to more resilient skin and better healing responses.
  • Skin quality and genetics: Your results might last longer if you have skin that more easily retains elasticity or favorable genetics.
  • Lifestyle choices: Habits like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and not using sun protection can accelerate aging and reduce the longevity of facelift results.
  • The skill of your surgeon: An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Buchanan, is more likely to provide results that will stand the test of time.

To maintain the best possible results after your surgery, you should:

  • Follow a consistent skincare routine
  • Use sun protection daily
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise
  • Consider non-surgical treatments down the line to maintain skin quality and address any minor signs of aging as they occur

Remember, while a deep plane facelift provides significant and lasting rejuvenation, it does not stop the natural aging process entirely. Ongoing care is crucial to prolonging the youthful appearance achieved with the surgery.

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Why Choose Vivify For Your Deep Plane Facelift?

Dr. Dallas Buchanan recognizes the impact of addressing aesthetic concerns on an individual's self-assurance and interactions with the world. By utilizing cutting-edge deep-plane facelift techniques and advancements in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Buchanan enhances your facial features while preserving your distinct characteristics. At VIVIFY Plastic Surgery & Medspa, our team of highly proficient and seasoned professionals is devoted to providing top-quality care in a personalized manner. Our objective is to surpass our patients' expectations and assist them in achieving their desired outcomes within a secure and supportive setting. We are committed to establishing enduring relationships with our patients founded on trust, integrity, and mutual regard.

When you’re ready to learn more, contact us to schedule your consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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