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About Labiaplasty

Typically, someone who desires a labiaplasty wants to reduce the size of the labia minora so that it does not hang down past the outer lips of the labia majora. A labiaplasty procedure can also address issues of the labia majora, such as excess skin or atrophy (volume loss) due to aging. Many women desire this surgery for a myriad of reasons ranging from experiencing discomfort during sex, aesthetic goals, or self-consciousness. Whatever the case may be, a labiaplasty is a safe and effective way to alter the appearance of the genital area with minimal downtime.


Generally, a labiaplasty procedure on its own will take 1 to 2 hours under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. Two techniques are commonly used for a labiaplasty in Tampa: the most popular type being the “trim” procedure, where an incision is made along the edge of the labia, extra tissue is removed, and then sewn up directly. The “wedge” procedure goes across the labia and tightens the labia minora after removing a pie-shaped piece of tissue. Incisions for both techniques are usually closed with absorbable sutures. Dr. Buchanan prefers a wedge procedure for most patients, as it retains the natural labial edge and creates a less prominent scar line; however, it may not be ideal for all patients.

Vaginal Rejuvenation With Fat Grafting

By using the patient's own fat, vaginal rejuvenation with fat grafting can enhance the appearance and function of the vaginal area. The procedure involves harvesting fat from another body area, such as the abdomen or thighs, and injecting it into the labia majora and surrounding areas to add volume and improve symmetry. Fat grafting can also stimulate collagen production, leading to improved skin texture and elasticity. Vaginal rejuvenation in Tampa can improve sexual function, reduce discomfort during intercourse, and enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of the area. The procedure is minimally invasive, with minimal downtime and long-lasting results.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

After your labiaplasty, swelling or slight itching is normal for up to one week. We typically recommend taking 1 to 2 weeks off work for a full recovery. Over-the-counter pain medications can be taken during this time, and ice packs can be utilized to help reduce pain and swelling. Swelling can last up to six weeks, after which the use of tampons and sexual intercourse can be resumed. However, the recovery time may be slightly longer if your surgeon utilizes the “wedge” procedure.

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How Long Will My Results Last?

Labiaplasty results typically last long term. Pregnancy, child-bearing, aging, and gravity do not affect the results of this procedure. Most women report a high satisfaction rate with this surgery, and you can also expect more comfort and confidence after having this procedure.


How much does labiaplasty cost?

Will insurance cover my labiaplasty?

How much does labiaplasty cost?

The cost of a labiaplasty surgery depends on the case's complexity but starts at $7,000. Your procedure cost may include additional expenses such as anesthesia fees, operating room costs, medical testing, and prescriptions. You will also want to consider that the surgeon's experience and reputation, techniques used, and location of the surgeon's practice also affect the price. Larger cities typically have higher operational costs and are more expensive. If you're considering a labiaplasty but have financial constraints, speak to Dr. Buchanan or one of our staff members about financing options to help achieve your surgical goals.

Will insurance cover my labiaplasty?

Health insurance companies generally do not cover labiaplasty surgery as it is considered a cosmetic enhancement procedure.

How much does labiaplasty cost? Prices starting at $7,000

It's worth noting that labiaplasty is considered a cosmetic enhancement procedure, and therefore, health insurance companies do not provide coverage for it. The cost of labiaplasty in Tampa can be influenced by several factors, including the surgeon's expertise and overall reputation. For instance, surgeons with many years of experience or a high reputation may charge more for their services.

The surgeon's surgical technique and the case's complexity can also impact the cost. Additionally, the location of your surgeon's practice can affect the cost, as larger cities generally have higher operational costs. The total cost of the procedure may include:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Operating room expenses
  • Post-operative compression garments
  • Surgeon fees

Additional fees, such as blood tests, pre-operative testing, medical clearance exams, and prescription medications, may not be part of the cost.

If you are interested in labiaplasty but have financial concerns, you can discuss financing options with Dr. Buchanan or one of the VIVIFY staff members. We are committed to working with each patient by providing financing plans to help you achieve your surgical goals.

Will insurance cover my labiaplasty?

Health insurance companies generally do not cover labiaplasty surgery as it is considered a cosmetic enhancement procedure.

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Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it's vital only to consider those with board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). These surgeons undergo an intensive training program that lasts for a minimum of 6 to 8 years after their medical education, with a focus on reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. This specialized training enables them to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to perform complex procedures with precision and care, ensuring you receive the highest quality care and outcomes possible.

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Why Choose VIVIFY?

When undergoing such a delicate procedure as a labiaplasty, you want to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with a track record of outstanding results. Dr. Dallas Buchanan is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has been recognized as one of the “Top 10 Plastic Surgeons in Florida” for five consecutive years. He and his wife, board-certified nurse practitioner Michelle Buchanan, began VIVIFY plastic surgery & medspa to deliver the highest standard of care in a concierge manner. Our practice is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their desired aesthetic goals while prioritizing safety, privacy, and patient satisfaction. In our care, you can trust that you will feel heard, understood, and supported throughout your entire journey with us.

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