What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an injectable dermal filler, approved by the FDA, that is used to reduce and smooth fine lines and folds and/or restore volume in the areas of the face and body that have lost fullness due to weight loss or the natural aging process. Because it is made of poly-L-lactic acid, it lasts longer than other injectable fillers because it stimulates collagen production in the cells, giving patients gradual results over time.


Sculptra treatments take less than an hour and are performed in your doctor’s office. A local anesthetic is often used to numb the area of injection, and then a very thin needle is injected into the targeted areas. After the injection, the doctor will lightly massage the area in order to facilitate the distribution of the Sculptra evenly under the skin. Over the next few days, you will be instructed on how to massage the area yourself in order to prevent lumps from forming.


One of the benefits of Sculptra is that downtime is often non-existent. Most normal activities can be resumed immediately following the treatment and side effects are often so minimal, they won’t interfere with everyday life. To ensure the best results and prevent any negative side effects, it is best to avoid strenuous activity for at least one week, and avoid rubbing the point of injection. Try to keep your head elevated while sleeping and avoid sleeping on the area that was treated. Also, avoid being in the sun too long, as excessive sun exposure may prolong swelling.

When Will I See Results?

It’s important to note that results are not immediate with this procedure like with other fillers. This treatment will take some time to produce results. However, most patients will experience a plumping effect and some slight swelling immediately following their treatment. This will gradually fade over the next few days as you return back to normal. Roughly 2-3 months after your treatment, collagen production will increase and you will start to see visible improvement. You may need more than one treatment session over time to achieve your desired results. Patients will continue seeing changes through the 9th month, and at that time full results are expected. Results can last for up to 3 years.
In order to prolong your results, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and daily practices to delay the natural aging process. Proper sun protection, a daily skincare regimen, and diet and exercise are all lifestyle habits that help keep signs of aging at bay.

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon

During your search for a potential plastic surgeon, you should only consider a surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Board-certified surgeons spend a minimum of 6-8 years in training after medical school to ensure that they are well-trained in both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

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