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At VIVIFY Plastic Surgery and Medspa, we offer customized treatments for all of our patients. Each patient comes in for a consultation with one of our board-certified medical providers before going forward with any procedures. Dr. Dallas Buchanan is our board-certified plastic surgeon, and Michelle Buchanan is our board-certified nurse practitioner. Patients who are interested in dermal fillers naturally have many questions regarding the treatment. They often wonder how much filler they will need to achieve their desired results. They also worry about overdoing it and ending up with results that look “fake.”

Various Hollywood celebrities have ended up with “overly-filled” faces, which can be of concern to those who are interested in the treatment. The truth is that, when carried out by a highly revered specialist, the vast majority of dermal filler results look natural and unnoticeable to onlookers. 

Your Consultation with VIVIFY

At your consultation with VIVIFY providers, we treat every patient with respect to their individual concerns. After conducting a thorough assessment of your current conditions and medical history, we create a treatment plan that is best suited to your needs. We offer a variety of dermal filler brands, including RHA, Restylane, and Juvéderm

We take every patient’s age, volume loss, goals, and previous treatments into consideration when coming up with their treatment plan. For example, patients who are 40 years old or older may need up to 4 syringes of filler for facial volume loss correction. The rule of thumb is one syringe of filler per decade of life. Patients are often nervous about looking overfilled, but they must understand that we need to correct enough to notice a change in the volume loss. One syringe of filler contains 1ML of a gel-like substance roughly the size of a blueberry. Undertreating the patient’s condition will almost always leave them feeling unsatisfied with the procedure. 

Hands-on Guidance

Our providers always give feedback and recommendations that ensure patients achieve the natural results that make them feel beautiful and confident. To achieve our patients’ goals, we often need to employ a combination of treatments. Most patients require a combination of neuromodulators (such as BOTOX), fillers, and skincare treatments to obtain the results they are after. 

One can think of cosmetic care like going to the gym: results do not show up overnight. It usually takes consistent work to achieve the results that we are looking for. It takes a process of constant upkeep to care for our skin throughout the years. As early as our mid-20s, we start to lose large amounts of collagen, putting our skin at risk for premature aging. For this reason, we recommend that patients get a jump start on treatment before these issues take root and become problematic.

What is the Takeaway?

Patients must understand that dermal fillers are a safe and temporary treatment that can achieve their cosmetic goals without any long-term commitment. While some patients may want to use less filler to avoid looking “overdone,” they must bear in mind that undertreating signs of aging may not provide them with the look they are hoping for. As with any treatment, dermal fillers are incredibly safe, effective, and reliable when carried out by a highly revered specialist.  

At VIVIFY Med Spa, we are committed to achieving excellent results and establishing long-lasting connections with our clients. We have helped countless patients get to where they want to be with dermal fillers, and we are excited to help you get there too. Call us today to schedule a private consultation consultation. 

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