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Buying skincare products can be overwhelming. It can be challenging to know what is right for you. Have you ever been to your local beauty store, scrolling online, or at your local drug store and wondered what you should buy to help combat aging? Most people have the misconception that if it costs more money, it is probably the better choice. This is not always correct. Skincare products that are sold in department stores, online or local pharmacies are often not FDA approved nor are they monitored by the FDA. The ingredients listed may be in the product in very small amounts or not at all.

Medical Grade skin products are regulated by the FDA, and contain more potent ingredients. The ingredients have been analyzed and approved by the FDA. Medical Grade skin care products can only be issued by clinical professionals that are either physicians or are practicing under a physician.  Here at VIVIFY plastic surgery and medspa, we have a variety of medical grade skincare that can be customized to each individual patient. Think of it as a prescription.  Medical Grade skin care is often comparable in price or not as costly as the department store brands. 

A popular  myth about skin care is that if we put more products on our face, we will have better results. Again, this is not always true. Getting a skincare evaluation by a medical provider is worth protecting our biggest organ of our body. Our skin protects us from elements, helps with temperature regulation, and plays a vital role in our appearance. We should be investing in quality products that will produce results and have accurate ingredients. Higher prices do not equal better products. It is important to know what products are and are not medical grade.  Here is a hint, if you purchased your skin care products at a department store, online or a pharmacy, you are most likely not getting medical grade products. Another myth is that we need many different products to improve our skin. Sometimes we just need a few basic products to have an effective regimen. A medical professional can assess your skin needs and help create a regimen that works for you. Do not overspend on products that have a fraction of an ingredient or may not contain the active ingredients at all. Some OTC topical creams may even be harmful when used in excessive quantities. We often focus on good nutrition, exercise, and even sometimes prescription medications to nurture the other organs in our body;  let’s do the same for our skin. 

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