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As a plastic surgeon specializing in facial surgery, I understand that considering a facelift is a big decision. You're looking to enhance your appearance and regain youthful confidence, and that's fantastic! But before you take the plunge, proper preparation is key to a smooth surgery and a beautiful outcome.

Here are my top 5 pre-surgery must-dos: 

          1. Do Your Research and Choose the Right Surgeon: This is paramount. Look for a board-certified (ABPS or ABFPRS) plastic surgeon with extensive experience in facelift procedures. Don't hesitate to ask for before-and-after photos and read patient reviews. Your consultation should be a chance to discuss your goals, ask questions, and feel completely comfortable with your chosen surgeon. If you feel rushed or do not have time to ask questions, that surgeon is probably not a great fit for you. 

Facelift Before & After Gallery - Patient 343720 - Image 5Facelift Before & After Gallery - Patient 343720 - Image 6

Before and After Facelift Surgery

         2. Optimize Your Health: Be upfront and honest about any pre-existing medical conditions and medications you're taking. Certain conditions may require postponing surgery or may alter your ability to heal, and some medications may need to be adjusted or stopped for a period before or after surgery. Patients who are active nicotine users are not good candidates for elective facial surgery and will need to quit several weeks (or even months) both before and after surgery to improve healing and reduce surgical risks. 

         3. Understand Your Finances: Facelift surgery is a big investment. Be prepared for the cost of the procedure, anesthesia, facility, medications, and any post-operative care. Discuss different fees and payment options with your surgeon's office upfront. Don’t try to skip out on what you may need or what your surgeon recommends because of the cost. You are better off saving up or using financing options to get the desired result than settling for something less and being disappointed.  

         4. Manage Your Expectations: Plastic surgery can produce beautiful, natural results, but plastic surgeons are not magicians. Some things can be achieved or improved with surgery, and others cannot. Make sure you discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon and get a clear understanding of what results you can expect. 

         5. Prepare For Your Recovery: Be sure to discuss the typical process and timeline for recovery with your surgeon. How much time are you going to need off work? What medications will you need to take before/after surgery? Arrange ahead of time for help with errands and childcare, if needed, during your recovery period. How long until you feel great? How long until you look great? After investing in cosmetic surgery, you do not want problems with post-op planning to compromise your ability to have the best outcome possible.  

Remember, a facelift is a personal journey. By preparing properly, you'll be well on your way to achieving a rejuvenated appearance and a renewed sense of self-confidence. 

Dr. Buchanan

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