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What is a 360 Tummy Tuck?

The 360 tummy tuck, also known as a circumferential tummy tuck or body lift, is a transformative plastic surgery procedure that addresses multiple concerns simultaneously. It focuses not only on the front of the abdomen but also targets the sides and back. This comprehensive approach allows for the removal of excess skin, the tightening of underlying muscles, and the sculpting of the waistline. The result is a more toned, contoured, and youthful appearance.

What are the benefits?

The 360 degree tummy tuck in Tampa offers a wide range of benefits, making it a sought-after choice for individuals seeking to rejuvenate their abdominal area. Some key advantages include:

Comprehensive Transformation

Unlike traditional tummy tucks that primarily focus on the front of the abdomen, the 360 tummy tuck addresses the entire midsection, providing a complete body contouring solution.

Enhanced Waistline

The procedure sculpts the waistline, creating an hourglass figure and improving overall body proportions.

Excess Skin Removal

After significant weight loss or pregnancy, excess skin can be a cosmetic concern. The 360 tummy tuck effectively removes this excess skin, leaving a smoother and firmer abdominal area.

Improved Muscle Tone

Abdominal muscles that have been stretched or weakened can be tightened during the procedure, restoring a firmer and more toned appearance.

Boosted Confidence

Achieving a more youthful and contoured abdomen often leads to increased self-esteem and body confidence.

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Who is a candidate for a 360 Tummy Tuck?

Ideal candidates for a 360 tummy tuck typically share several common characteristics:

  • They have maintained a stable and healthy weight.
  • They are in good overall health, free from significant medical conditions that could impair the healing process.
  • They are non-smokers or are willing to quit smoking for the period prior to and following surgery, as smoking can have a negative impact on the healing process.
  • They have realistic expectations regarding the results and the recovery process.
  • The 360 tummy tuck is especially suitable for individuals who have undergone significant weight loss, experienced pregnancy, or have excess skin and weakened muscles in the abdominal area.

What does the treatment involve?

The 360 tummy tuck is a customizable procedure that can be tailored to meet each patient's unique needs and goals. However, several common steps are typically involved:


The procedure is usually carried out under general anesthesia to ensure patient comfort throughout.


Incisions are strategically made, typically around the waistline. These incisions allow the surgeon access to reshape the abdominal area.

Tissue Removal

Excess skin and fat are removed, and the abdominal muscles may be tightened as needed to create a more sculpted appearance.


Liposuction may be used to further contour the waistline and remove any remaining pockets of fat.

Skin Re-draping

The remaining skin is carefully re-draped, and the incisions are meticulously closed, resulting in minimal scarring.

What is the recovery process like?

Recovery from a 360 degree tummy tuck in Tampa can vary from person to person, but here is a general overview:

  • Immediate Post-Op: Patients typically wear compression garments to minimize swelling and support the newly contoured area. Drains may also be placed to help remove excess fluids.
  • First Few Weeks: Initial discomfort and swelling are common, but these effects gradually subside. Most patients can return to light activities within a few weeks but should avoid strenuous exercise for several weeks.
  • Full Recovery: Complete recovery typically takes a few months. During this time, scars continue to fade, and the final results become more evident.

It is essential to follow Dr. Buchanan’s post-operative instructions carefully to facilitate a smooth and successful recovery.

Are there any risks?

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks associated with a 360 tummy tuck. These risks may include infection, bleeding, scarring, and adverse reactions to anesthesia. However, choosing an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Buchanan can significantly minimize these risks.

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Why choose Dr. Buchanan?

Dr. Buchanan is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Tampa with extensive experience in performing the 360 tummy tuck procedure. His commitment to patient safety, attention to detail, and dedication to achieving exceptional results make him an excellent choice for your next procedure. 

At VIVIFY Plastic Surgery & Medspa, our team of highly skilled professionals is wholeheartedly committed to delivering exceptional care tailored to the unique needs of every patient. Our primary goal is not just to meet but to exceed patient expectations, guiding them towards the realization of their desired outcomes within a secure and compassionate environment. Our utmost priority is to foster enduring relationships founded on trust, transparency, and mutual respect.

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